Healing Expeditions 

take you to: 

colorado USa

authentic. Off grid.
embrace the healing power of nature. 

wilderness travels

Norway- 6 nights
Back to the Wilderness


Open up, reflect and discover yourself (again)

Take a distance from hectic life and live on the rhythm of nature.

Surrender to the Norwegian Wilderness 
Sleep in the forest
Catch your own fish, find your own food and go with all that nature offers you

 This is not for 'comfy'-seekers!

safari yoga

Tanzania- 9 nights
Healing Safari

Spend time with the indigenous Maasai people- the original masters of natural healing
Feel the earth breathing
Yoga and meditation with a view of Mt Kilimanjaro
Liberate yourself, your heart and soul
Feel the Spirit of the people
Feel the power of African Wildlife which re-connects you to the Universe

glamping India

India- 6 nights
Sleeping under the stars

Listen to the silence of the night while you sleep under canvas
Take part in the Morning Prayer Ceremony as dozens of solemn priests conduct their ritual prayers
Be overwhelmed what nature offers you
Embrace the magnificent power of the Himalayas
Experience the natural beauty of the Ladakh-valleys by stunning nature walks

healing travels in the rockies

Colorado USA- 7 nights
The healing power of Wild Places

Meditation in the midst of the Wild Rockies
Explore sacred sites and re-connect with history
Learn from an Ute tribe member about their strong connection with the land
Gain powerful inspiration and an insight into 
your soul from our horses; accept the confrontation they show you and embrace their unconditional love.