Healing Expedition- 


Re-connect with raw nature
Wake up in the wilderness
Live the Norwegian 'friluftsliv'; free living 

Live with nature and embrace the silence of the wilderness. Our local guide, Thoralf, will help you to find your way in the forest and will teach you how to live with nature; from making your own sleeping place, gather your own food and ways to connect with the wild.

During this week your guides will facilitate several exercises to open up to yourself, others and nature. By being in the midst of the wilderness and by slowing down -the conditions are perfect to shine a new light on your (life) questions.

Take a real step back- from the stress and demands of daily life. This week is all about you.
Be connected with nature , with yourself and the world around you.

Here is your ITINERARY to Norway! 

what is a wilderness retreat?

Live with the rhythm of nature. You are taking a distance from hectic life and the stress at work. Hand in your phone and escape from a hectic life. Disconnect to reconnect....slow down, open up your senses and open up to the Wilderness. To really connect with nature we supplement our food with our own catch from the lake, berries and mushrooms.  

self reflection and the deeper sense of life

The smallest moments can have the biggest impact. 
Through exercises, meditation, sharing of experiences&stories, by connecting with nature, you will be able to open yourself and embrace the rough world around you. There are moments to share, to reflect, and there is silence. Feel the healing power of the forest. The more you open up, the deeper the experiences and personal change will be. 

Sleeping in the wilderness

You will sleep under the stars, near base camp. Our local guide, Thoralf, will help you to live with nature; making your own sleeping place, gather, catch and prepare your food, how to live in nature with all your senses. This week is not about being tough and to look for your physical limitations. It is about staying IN your comfort zone and accept the challenges you have to face. Embrace the healing power of silence and rough nature.  

24 hours solo

The final day will be 24 hours solo. This is an incredible powerful experience. The ultimate way to deepen your experience and learn what life asks from you. After a preparation you will go into the wilderness to find your own spot. By reducing as many distractions as possible you will be able to listen to everything what happens inside you. 24 Hours is for many people a life changing experience. For ages, people around the world practice this ritual to come closer to one's soul and emotions.  Interested to find out what it will do with you? 
Join us and let the healing begin.

Why back to the wilderness? 

A week into the wild takes you back to the real you. It creates peace, trust and a connection with the universe. 
You will experience how it is to handle discomfort, in stead of walking away from it. You are going right through it, instead of walking around that issue you don't like to handle.
By this experience in the wilderness, discomfort in normal life becomes easier to handle. It is a life changing experience; 

  • A deep connection with your path in life
  • It creates a strong decision making-tool about what you really want in life
  • You will have more understanding of things happening in your life and how to handle it
  • You will learn how to trust your intuition
  • A strong connection with your surroundings (partner, friends and colleagues) 
  • It creates a deeper insight into important matters in life

This Wilderness week in a nutshell:

  • Group of max. 12 people
  • Flexible programme
  • Experienced guides
  • Intake beforehand to understand your intentions and wishes
  • Mindfulness
  • No phones. No watch
  • Sleeping under a tarp 
  • Techniques to survive in nature
  • Basecamp incl. shelter area incase of bad weather
  • 24- hours solo in the wild
  • Back to basic experience and professional guidance.


  • 23 - 29 May 2020 (mix editon) (CANCELLED)

  • 19 - 26 september 2020 (mix edition)

* please note: extra dates upon request for companies 
  who would like to plan this Healing Expedition as a 
  Leadership Management training.


.  An intake to help clarifying your personal intention
.  All food and drinks 
  (off course partly provided by nature)

·  Tarp to sleep under



.  Flight to Trondheim 
·  Proper clothes
·  Sleeping stuff


€1350,- excl. flight to Trondheim

€1750,- when paid by company as a 'Leadership' course-
              excl. flight to Trondheim

yes- I want to go to the wilderness in Norway!

Just send an email and we will get back to you asap.
Email: healingexpeditions.official@gmail.com