who we are

Healing Expeditions is not a travel agency.
We are a group of friends who love the great outdoors, and like to share this with you in India, Holland and Norway. While being in the wild- there's a great opportunity to connect with other people looking for health, nature, inspiration, and the good vibes.

During every retreat, we are sleeping in tents. Sleeping under the stars gives that powerful feeling to be close to nature. 
We travel with small, private groups. Joins us and feel the healing power of being in the wilderness.

India & Holland
Jannita Mossel  believes nature is a place where we can sit and reflect on life's meaning - away from distractions and demands of our regular lives. There is a magnificent world out there; she loves mountain hikes, spends lots of time at the sea side, and  in the country side. She values nature for what it is giving us;  the food we eat and the air we breathe-  she is a strong supporter of eco and sustainability. 
Besides her love for the great outdoors, Jannita lived in Asia- mainly India- to study ayurveda. As a cultural anthropologist- she is fascinated by culture, ancient healing practices, eating from the wild forest, and nature cooking. This reflects in the travels she organizes to India and Holland

Since he was a kid, Thijs Visser spends his time mainly outdoors.  Always trying to find new ways to connect with nature. From long mountain hikes, kite surfing at sea or silence retreats in the woods. 
In 2016 he sailed the ocean from Cape Town to the Caribbean island of St Martin during a 2-months ocean trip. Since then he works with people and organizations to experience the power of nature. Besides his Back to the Wild travels, he also is trainer in organizational behavior. 

Peter Melis feels he lives the ultimate way of life while being in the outdoors. Being in nature, experience it and live it. He is a kite surfer, and a big fan of meditation, spirituality and new ways of living- he started building his own Tiny House last year. Besides his travels to Norway, he works as business developer.